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how to determine the hCG content in pregnant urine - (Dec/15/2008 )

act what is the best methods on how to determine the hCg concentration in the pregnant urine?
act, i've tried so many times with the RID test..but i can't get the it is difficult for me to futher the 2D
since i cannot standardize my hCg concentration..before this i've purchase a kit 2 determine the hCg content but the prob is the kit anly can detect beta fragment instead of intact hCg.. sad.gif ..i'm stuck..plez do help me..


There are many many kits out there for hCG analysis in urine. I would suggest you obtain an FDA approved kit and examine the data sheets. There may be or should be cross reactivity data from the manufacturer regarding performance with intact, core, beta fragment etc. (there are many forms of hCG).

The form of the kit I suggest is elisa (for quantatation) as most labs should have plate reader. If you have access to clinical instrument then you can purchase kit from Siemens, Roche, Abbott etc.

I have not heard of running hCG by RID.

YOu also mentioned 'concentration' thus I am steering you clear of the qualitative kits (sold in the pharmacies).

Dr. Lawrence Cole (I believe New Haven, CT) has number of articles on forms, analysis of hCG.

Finally, it may be cheaper for you to send out one sample ? for analysis to local hospital (talk with Pathologist for hCG form you wish to detect...consult should be free before you send in the sample.

Good Luck.