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Help! Contamination? - (Dec/11/2008 )

Hello, all!
There's something that bother me so much. We're growing hES cells and we can always see some tiny tiny things in our media. They're swimming and moving. Under 200×, it's still very tiny conpared to the cells (iMEF and hES), even smaller than the nuleui of MEF. Our media is clear with those things in, they're not becoming huge amount which always happens with other normal contaminations. And the hES and MEF are growing normally. Does anyone know what's that and what I can do to get rid of that?
thank you

-cell girl-

Sounds like bacterial contamination to me if they are small and moving around. If you media is free of these things then maybe something else is contaminated. Is your tissue culture hood clean? Are your plates and tools sterile? Is your technique ok? It can be very easy to contaminate cells

-sitting_at _the _AKTA-