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cell culture maintainance - (Dec/09/2008 )

i'm starting out with cell culture experiments....
can someone please tell me what concentration of trypsin should be used as working solution for detachment of adherent cells/...... my cell line is MCF-7..... please let me know asap...
thanks........ rolleyes.gif


I'm using 0.05% trypsin and it works fine.

-Ned Land-

QUOTE (Ned Land @ Dec 10 2008, 12:09 PM)
I'm using 0.05% trypsin and it works fine.

Our normal working solution is 0.25% but I have some cells that will only come off in 1.25% trypsin


i'm using the one in the link and I dilute it to 1X using PBS according to their instructions. there's also EDTA in it which helps to dissociate the cells.

-Ned Land-