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Adding your CV to the thesis? - (Dec/04/2008 )

Hi, I'm finally finishing my thesis smile.gif , and I've noticed some people add their CVs to the thesis.

I was wondering...

1. how common and accepted is it, to add the cv to the thesis (especially in Europe)?

2. Do you guys think it would be ok to put the CV in the beginning of the thesis, along with the aknowledgements, etc, instead of in the very end, with the references?

Thanks a lot!


-Julianne W-


Sorry, I don't know the answer.

-Minnie Mouse-

Here (Austria) it is quite common to add a short scientific CV at the end of your thesis. But I think it is a matter of taste. I have never seen it at the beginning of the thesis.

And it seems that your troubles finally passed by, CONGRATULATIONS biggrin.gif


Hi! smile.gif

Thank you so much for the help, here and always, and for the nice words!!! Well, the troubles didn't really pass - at least not *naturally* wink.gif .

Basically I decided I couldn't put up with all that anymore, I felt like I was getting nowhere... So I decided to write a MSc out of the project (still having loads of headache with my PI about it).
But good news is, I followed the advice of many here, and I'm starting a new PhD with a new PI that has a absolutely unanimous reputation of being extremely nice, friendly and good scientist.

I'm really really looking forwards for this new scenerium! And to be finally free...

I'll keep you posted! wink.gif Thank u so much once again!! smile.gif

All the best,

-Julianne W-


I'm only getting started for my MSc.

I've read a PhD. thesis by a lecturer from Japan and there's a section titled Vita speaking of her background: some personal stuff, then academic pathways.