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how long does media with serum last at 4 deg? - (Dec/02/2008 )

ex.) DMEM + FBS + pen/strep ?

I've had mine for over 3 months in the fridge and was wondering if this is still usable.



Some components of the DMEM are unstable, particularly L-glutamine. You should add some more to the bottle if you plan on using it. I have used old bottles of medium up to 6 months old and had no problems, but then I am using extremely tough cancer cell lines.


As done by bob1, I have also used some 4-5 months old media (RPMI and DMEM) just by adding additional Glutamine (4mM final concentration).


I have added L-glutamine to the medium that was 3 months old. No problem.

-Minnie Mouse-

thanks all!