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Do COS-7, CHO-K1 and LLC-PK1 cells express dopamine receptors? - I need an answer soon... (Dec/02/2008 )

The question is easy...Do the following cell lines express endogenous dopamine receptors (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5)?:
-COS-7 (kidney -monkey)
-CHO-k1 (ovary- hamster)
-LLC-PK1 (kidney - pig)

That's because I'm looking for a cell line easy to transfect which express those receptors (DRD2, above all...)
And do you know a good web page with a extensive description of the expression profile of those lines?
Thank you in advance!


try doing a search in pubmed for the keywords [cell line] and Dopamine, should give you some results. Or you could do a quick block pcr to check


The problem is that few information in Pubmed can be found... dry.gif
Studies with expression vectors, but few information about endogeous receptors...