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presentation on microarray.. - urgently need some animations.. (Dec/01/2008 )

Hello all, I'm giving a talk on microarrays tomorrow..i'm already with the slides and all.. but just wish i'd some animated stuff which'll make the job a lot easier.. can any of u help at all?? many thanks..


what kind of animations?


Google: microarray
Go to "advanced search" and modify the format search to *.avi or flash. You will come to multiple pages where you can get what ever you need (do write down the domain). While flash animations will be harder to integrate into your powerpoint, you can leave the webpage open (and then you automatically give credit to the author).

On the other hand, as a regular power-point user I know that animations make for showier presentations, but two days ago I went to a short symposium where we were limited to ONE slide (with NO animations). It was a lot harder to present under these conditions, but it made everyone give talks that started on a very general theme and then went to become very stringent. Discussion was very rich and fulfilling.
Afterward we had a discussion on the presentations themselves and how much they get the audience involved. The professor who suggested the format said that he uses this in all his clases (and teaches cell biology and membrane electrophysiology). And I have heard from students how much they like his classes.
So, while it is a matter of taste, and I know that microarray brings you into computer analysis, but, how much of this talk could you give on only ONE slide? How much could you get students to participate? (what ever they draw on a white board in front of everyone else becomes etched into their memory). Maybe not for tomorrow, but, next time?

Good luck in your class