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Drawing a vector - How can I do it? (Nov/24/2008 )

Hi everyone, I am not so sure this is the right place for this question, but here it goes:

The vector I am using is not commercially available and was made from 2 different vectors. I need to draw a map for a presentation and the only thing I got was a map in a sheet of ruled paper. I don't want to scan that, it contains handwritten annotations on the side, on top and inside the vector itself! And I like pretty looking drawings, tables and papers.

How can I draw my own vector map if I don't have any advanced drawing software? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


tape bits of paper over the writing and then scan?


QUOTE (bob1 @ Nov 25 2008, 11:42 AM)
tape bits of paper over the writing and then scan?

good idea happy.gif but why you don't use some drawing softwares to draw it if you have the sequence information of the plasmid?

-AS mikkel-

If you have the sequence of the vector, get Vector NTI from Invitrogen (free) or pDRAW32 from

You can also use these online tools to generate vector map
PlasMapper :


My favorite one:


Thank you all for your advise! biggrin.gif