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Anesthetizing mice with xylazine only - (Nov/20/2008 )

Hello tongue.gif

I am learning to anesthetize my BALB/c, which I never did this before.
Prior to perform this labwork, in class, previously I've been told that we will use ketamine/xylazine
But then my supervisor gave me xylazine only, he said it's okay, it always works for him.
Now he's not around and I have to practice by myself after he gave me a little guidance.
I think I already follow his instruction but my mouse never sleep? sleep.gif

Here is my calculation, please correct me if I was wrong.
The stock concentration is 20 mg/mL
The dose for mice is 2 mg/kg BW
My mouse weight is 30 g
I made this stock:
- For one mouse I need: 2 mg x 0.03 g = 0.06 mg
- Then from stock I take: 0.06 mg/20 mg = 0.003 mL = 3 uL
- For 10 mice, then: 10 x 3 uL = 30 uL
- For administration to 10 mice, then: 30 uL in 2.5 mL saline (volume injection = 0.25 mL ip)

Is there anything wrong? I want my mouse sleep then wake up again after some minutes.
Please help me.


Can't go into calculations, but if it is right, you can check out these Xylazine anesthesia protocols for some clues regarding stability, administration and other things.