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Scientists' Persistence - Microbiology (Nov/19/2008 )

Hey people,

What make scientists so persistent? I'm not talking about looking for a cancer cure or that of HIV. Let me give you examples: We know that since the late 80s to early 90s, hydrocarbon degraders (fungi + bacteria) are widely used in bioremediation. The production of PHA (bioplactics) by bacteria was carried out industrially by using a model organism too.

Both showed us that these model microorganisms are capable of getting the job done and it's not an overstatement if I say that these areas are already perfected. Most bacteria strains are already characterized.

Then, I read that isolation of hydrocarbon degraders and PHA producers are still ongoing, the latter in a paper in 2007. I can't think of any reason behind that except that it'd be good to have an organism we can call ours.

Anything else to add?

Good day!


If scientists stopped looking once they found the thermostable polymerase in Thermus aquaticus, we would have nothing other than Taq to use in PCR...

Or what if they stopped looking for antimicrobials once Alexander Fleming found penicillin in Penicillium notatum?

There's always the possibility of something better (perhaps much better) out there...




Thanks HomeBrew and stevo. I like the Taq example. How come I didn't think of that.... smile.gif


Thanks people. Penelope, you thinking of that as well? I like the polymerase and antimicrobials too.


Yeah, was asked why is it that technology (cars, cell phones, etc.) is so fast-paced. Was stumped. Wondered why myself. As long as the current ones can make our living easier should be fine. Guess there's a possibility of finding something better.