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Boss´s only comment on labmeeting you sounded like you were high on mushrooms - what does this say about her? (Nov/18/2008 )

So I had my first labmeeting today and in all fairness it wasnt great. I got nervous because of a croaky voice and I was having negative thoughts while I was presenting. Despite of this I stood there and explained everything from beginning to end, no blackouts or confusion of things. Visually it was also very nice, it was not so serious, more like hello you guys im the new PhD in the lab this is what im going to be doing.
So it ends and people mention that I was nervous but that it was easy to follow and well structured. My Boss sits there and says nothing. I see her again in the lab and she asks if I always laugh so much while im presenting and I was like no, and then she says as she goes out:yeah coz you sounded like you were on mushrooms.

So I think about this for a minute and I decide that I didnt laugh nervously, I did smile and was laughed when I said some things that were meant to be funny, and they were because other people laughed but I was certainly not laughing when I explained more scientific things. Also I was not overexcitedly talking and acting crazy.

And even if this were the case, its my first labmeeting and that is all she has to say??

Another thing, she is very bad at presenting, she has a squeaky mouselike tone of voice and is very monotone. extremely boring, so compared to her maybe I do sound like im more excited about what Im doing.

Question is? Should I try to change my style of presenting because of this critique? Why would a boss say this to someone which she is encouring to become a scientist?

What do you think?

-nanu nana-

Maybe she just is a boring person. For those a different style can mean something unfamiliar. Try to get more objective response, go for a seminar elsewhere, ask someone to make a video of your presentation and show it to other colleague (someone elses boss) what would they think.
Get more oppinions to decide.

(or maybe get your boss some muchrooms, she may need them wink.gif)


May be that's her style. . copied from some old, lame movie or she heard from someone somewhere and trying to impress using the line.

-Bungalow Boy-

maybe she was making a joke, albeit not a good one. Dont dwell on things so much, you got positive feedback from other people so why worry ?


Go to her and say "I've been thinking about my lab meeting, and the feedback I've gotten on it, and I was wondering if you'd give me some ideas to improve my presentations in the future". Don't let an offhand and perhaps unintentionally harsh comment said while she was walking away from you define your opinion of her opinion of you.


don't get into trouble with your boss since the begining of your PhD!!! if you do mushrooms then you could bring some "special mushroom cake" to the lab and share it with everyone! laugh.gif

if it made you feel uncomfortable be sure to tell your boss you don't like those kind of jokes. a lot of people have a strange sense of humor.


Sounds like an oddball sense of humour. Don't give it too much thought. She probably tries to be cool... wacko.gif