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Visualizing CpG island in IF - Are there antibodies available? (Nov/17/2008 )

I am working with a certain protein; when express it in cell cultures and stain it for IF, I see it localized in certain punctate pattern in the nucleus. I have a reason to believe it interacts with CpG islands. Could this staining pattern be an indication of it? Is there a marker or an antibody for CpG that I could use for IF to prove colocalization?
This area is uncharted waters for me, so any tips would be appreciated.

-molecular dummy-

There is a cytogenetic banding technique that highlights GC-rich regions which are more likely to contain CpG islands I can't remember what it is off the top of my head, I am tempted to say G-banding but you would need to look this up.

You can do combined immuno FISH with a DNA probe to some large CpG islands or to BAC's that contain many CpG islands, these are rather low res methods and you should consider ChIP.