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Everted Sac Technique - Procedure (Nov/17/2008 )

Hi to all! Please help me with this. Anybody here who is familiar with this technique. I am going to do an uptake study of folic acid (radio isotope). Through my readings I got to know that I need to use a non absorbable (eg. polyethylene glycol) marker to account for the possible change in concentration brough about by water absorption and intestinal secretion. Do I have to run a separate analysis for this so I can have particular value that will account for the factors I have mentioned above. Is there anybody here that would know if there is any formula to calculate for the final amount of folic acid uptake in the everted sac? Please any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Glenmer


Controls are important in any experiment. You will need to run a vehicle only control to prove that your experiment is valid.