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please help me identify if I have cell culture contamination =( - (Nov/11/2008 )

Hello everyone,

I started to culture HT29 cells which are colonic epithelial cells and they are adherent. I've been having this problem because I do not whether my cells are contaminated or not. If I have bacterial contaminations should I expect to see them also adhering close to or around my HT-29 cells? Thanks so much.


Bacterial contamination will make the media appear cloudy and the specks should be "wriggling" around under the microscope (non-brownian motion). Not adherent in general.
If you have a picture you can add maybe we can help more. It could be other contamination or just simple cell debris or cell media components (FBS/FCS may have sterile particles in them).
But if you have doubts as to contamination, is it always best to make fresh new media and bring up new cells and throw everything else away.

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