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RAW 264 cells - (Nov/11/2008 )

Hi all...I've got hold on an old (1996) vial of RAW cells which appears to be the only one in our lab ohmy.gif

I decided to try to resurrect them. THere are viable cells and each day I check, there are more and more.

However they are growing in clumps (adherent growth as we don't have facilities for suspension).

Its now been nearly 2 weeks and I've just been changing the media and NOT changing the flask or disturbing the cells.

What is the best method to spread them out a bit or do you think I should leave them growing in clumps until I get enough cells to pellet and therefore move to a new (and bigger) flask?

Many thanks wink.gif


i am not sure of any particular protocol for this seperation but i pressume as soon as you trypsinise them and split them into a new flask the clumps will then break up into single cells, have you thought about this?