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Puromycin IC50 - (Nov/09/2008 )

Just wondering have anyone used puromycin as selection factor for HaCaT or other mammalian cells, I'm trying to find out the ic50 for HaCaT and I need like a dose range. I looked at other papers and they all have a wide range from 135uM to 0.2uM, if anyone done anything like this and could give me an approximate ic50 value that'll be awesome,

thanks in advance,



hello airplane
there is this pIRES puro vector for transfection of mammalian cells. in this there is puromycin resistance gene.
they have recommended the conc as 5–10 micro-gram/ml of puromycin (#8052-1, -2), depending on
the cell line (be sure to establish a kill curve for each lot of puromycin to determine optimal effective
dose).this is for selection.
am not sure if this will help u.
good luck,