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Looking for specific cancer cell line - Need a parent line with metastatic and non-metastatic lines (Nov/08/2008 )


Recently, I've been asked to find two cancer cell lines, derived from the same parent line, of which one is metastatic or highly metastatic and the other is not metastatic at all. Previously, we were going to use the MDA-MB-435 cell line, in which the M4A4 strain is highly metastatic, and NM2C5 strain is not. However, the controversy regarding the origin of the MDA-MB-435 line (it was considered a breast cell line for many years, but recently has been re-classified by some as a melanoma line) has put my PI of using them. I've been search the American Tissue Culture Collection (ATCC) for cell lines, preferably human prostate cell lines, that fit the above description, but have had little luck. Does anybody know of a cell line, human or mouse, that fits the above description?

Your help is much appreciated,



mouse prostate cancer cell line

TRAMPC-1 is metastatsis... and another TRAMPC cell line (I can't remember) is not

-Minnie Mouse-

Minnie Mouse,

This looks to be what I'm looking for, thanks a lot biggrin.gif! I would, however appreciate it if anybody else knew of any more cell lines with those specifications, so I can have as good a choice as possible.

Thank you again,