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invisible error bar on ELISA curve - (Nov/06/2008 )

I need some advice.

I have done two graphs on two different set of ELISA experiments.

Graph A has three titration points that have visible error bars; however, graph B has no visible error bar.
Most titration points have SD of <0.05.

In both experiment, I had done triplicate wells for each titration.

I am currently writing my PhD thesis.

Will the examinars think that I didn't have triplicate wells for graph B?
Even my mentor thought I had done only single well for each titration. huh.gif

I don't think I can repeat the ELISA experiments for graph B to create some visible error bars on the graph.

Thanks in advance.

-Minnie Mouse-

Be consistent for both graphs. Why not have in insert table with SD for each point in the graph. Thus, both graphs would have exact same info and not be misleading.


and won't you be mentioning it in the caption and the methodology?

-Bungalow Boy-