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Procedure help - (Nov/02/2008 )

I have come across many articles, but the problem is that cost hundreds of dollars to be able to read them... don't actually need the + and - controls I have them from the bergey's manual. I am doing a report on Micrococcus luteus and these test are two of the three that I am allowed to use to distingush Micrococcus luteus from other Micrococcus.
To be more specific my lab manual, nor any other that I have come across, contain the lab procedures to either of these tests. So if anyone out there has a lab manual name or an idea as to where I might find one that contains the procedures it would be very helpful. thanks!


Difco manual? Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Micro books?? Finally, if need answer asap and no help here if you are near large metro hospital call into micro lab...someone there may be able to help you.