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quorum sensing - novel screening method (Oct/31/2008 )

i am a research student working on quorum sensing.My objective is to search for novel quorum sensing inhibitors from marine algae.
till now i have been following a method by using sensor contructs of three different strains that give GFP expression in the presence of synthetic AHLs. i have searched for novel methods but am not able to find one that can make my work efficient. i have been regularly screening algal extracts(aqueous and one prepared in organic solvents like DCM, ethanolic extracts etc)

anyone working on this area can help me out with this.

thanking you in advance


CVO26. Paul William's lab. Google bit should get u there.

Seeded agar plate with CV026 and its cognate activator ( C8 hydroxyl homoserine lactone , something like that )
then put sterile disc on the agar with extract from ur algae containing putative/ poential QS inhibitor.

inhibitor will cause a clear zone instead of purple all over .


Michael Givskov from Denmark has some excellent assays for finding QS inhibitors. He's written some reviews with a guy called Thomas Rasmussen so do a search in Pubmed and you should find it.