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identification of cell culture contamination - (Oct/29/2008 )

I was hoping someone could help identify my cell culture contamination. We grow HeLa and N2A cells that have stable transfects in them. I think we have a yeast contamination, but I really don't know. It starts off as small round (about 5% of the size of the cell) spheres floating in the media. The next day it multiplies like crazy. The cells themselves don't appear bothered by them, but who knows what really is happening. We grow our cells in at least one antibiotic media (G418, Zeocin, Hygro) sometimes we use a combo of the anitibiotics (g418/zeo).

I don't know a whole lot of cell culture, but I am learning quickly!

I can get a pic, but it will require a fair amount of work. Let me know if pics are needed



It's really hard to say without a picture but it certainly can be yeast. The growth of yeast wouldn't be affected by antibiotics. Easy way to tell, smell your culture. Yeast has a very distinctive, sweet smell.