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co transfection for preparing stable cell - (Oct/20/2004 )


I am a beginer in the field of mol.biology. However currently I wanna a make a stable cell line of SH-Sy5Y cells expressing my target protein . But i have a expressin vector expressiong target protein with ampicilin as marker.which is suitable for transient transfection only so I wish to do cotransfection of another vector having neomycin as marker . Does anyone know whether the cotransfected vector enter into the same cell/ or is there any difference between stable cell line preparation by single plasmid transfection and stable cell line preparation by co transfection of two plasmid ?

I would realy appriciate anybodys reply in this regards


I don't think this will help you much, but here's my two cents worth. I've been trying to transfect a cell-line with a vector that has already been previously transfected, with little success. Another natural cell-line MDA-MB-231, on the other hand, seems to be ok to transfection with the same vector. But don't know if transfecting two genes at the same time (cotransfections) will be any better.