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Made an mistake during transfection! - Need to know if I corrected it by doing what I did. (Oct/22/2008 )


I transfected my HEk293 cells with a plasmid today using lipofectamine. however during transfection i accidentally added the control vector and the vector with the gene into the same well (instead of just the control vector which it shouldve gotten). I realised this immediately and within about 10 seconds washed it twice with media and once with PBS before adding fresh media and redid the transfection.

I would like to know if the lipofectamine / dna complex wouldve acted in that short a time and if by any chance what I did to correct the situation was the right thing.

any advice would be appreciated!!

Thanks and Regards


I'm sure its highly unlikely that any of the DNA complex would have penetrated the cells in that time.
I'm sure you'll repeat this experiment just to make sure though ( I would) smile.gif


-lost in the lab-

THank you for your reply! Yeah these were controls so that ive lost so i think for preliminary results they should be okay.

i was just wondering out of curiosity... these are lipids and they go through the membrane pretty fast ( limited only by diffusion i suppose ).. and from what i remember the rates of lipids diffusing across a membrane are pretty fast ...

thx once again!