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microarray reagents for hybridization, wash, stain - (Oct/21/2008 )


I'm new in the field, so I need to ask some basic questions. blush.gif
I need to use the reagents for affymetrix, and I have to order some reagents, but I'm not sure about some kit components. In particular, for the hybridization, wash and stain kit I found out that affymetrix itself doesn't have among the components: herring sperm DNA, BSA, and phycoerythrin streptavidinm; but they are necessary for the "alternative protocol for eucaryotic target hybridization. Does anybody know what they are for and why it would be necessary to use an "alternative"protocol rather then a normal?





the herring sperm dna is a blocking agent. bsa is a stabilizing and blocking agent.

the other i am not sure about.


THank you Mdfenko! smile.gif