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rat urine treatment for HPLC - (Oct/19/2008 )

Hi all,

I want to ask about rat urine treatment prior to analysis with HPLC/GCMS. Are the method generally the same, or specific for a particular compound we want to study? I will treat SD rat p.o with herbal extract for 14 days and during that time I will collect the urine and analysis the metabolites formed using HPLC. Can I simply follow a method for treating rat urine which I found in the internet. Most of the articles I found will diluet the urine , adding buffer and centrifuge before injec into HPLC.

Any suggestions?



With the risk of being obvious: Shouldn't you just optimize your HPLC method at first, before you start sampling so you can try out the pre-treatment. Just take some random rat pee (Yay!) try the different methods you have found and check which gives a good peak separation and good looking peaks. I find that methods in many papers throw in a few extra steps for good measure you can often do without. Try evaporating the sample and resuspending it in your mobile phase. And then just dilute as needed.