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About water and the eye - I have been wondering (Oct/18/2004 )

I was wondering........ Please answer!!!
why do your eyes sting and become red when you get pure, fresh water in them, but yet, they dont hurt at all (as anyone who wears contact lenses will attest) when you put "eye drops" (contact lens rinsing solution, Visine..) in them?


I think there might be something to do with the difference in osmomality, I think smile.gif


I agree with zienpiggie... Osmolality is the answer... eyedrop solution is approx 300 milliOsmol which is roughly the same as tears, whereas pure water is 0 milliOsmol, thus you get ions moving out of the eye and into solution in the water causing irritation in the eye.


thanks guys!!!
This has helped me alot