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Suspension Culture - Can it be transformed into adherent cells? (Oct/15/2004 )

My suspension cell culture is growing remarkably rapidly. The problem with it is that it forms a cluster, rendering it diffcult to perform cell count. So, is there any protocol that can transform it into an adherent one?
Thank you all in advance


Hello, I don't really have experience in converting suspension to adherent, but I have several ideas. To get rid of the clumping before cell count, how about trypsinizing it?

And to convert from suspension to adherent, how about coating your wells, like with collagen or fibronectin or those substances that may enhance adherence?


Thanks indeed ziepiggie for your good ideas. I will try them out. wink.gif


i don't know the purpose of your cell suspension culture method, does the

cells grows in suspension condition such as some tumor cells ,or you had
the cells suspended?


Hai, I usually give a wash with PBS-EDTA to prevent the cells from clumping every alternate days and before counting and it works nicely for me.



Can you exactly tell me which cell line do you use? I want to know is it a cancerous cell line conventionally cultured as suspension or is it a adherent cell line that is cultured in suspension to study the anchorage independence? I need to know coz I have similar problem and I get rid of them by just 3 times spinning at 1000rpm/10min with pippetting inbetweens...

I guess if PBS-EDTA washes work then, that might be a good way to go with.