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Exposing DMEM with Phenol Red to it a problem? - Why do I need to protect DMEM from light? (Oct/01/2008 )

Just wondering what component of DMEM is photoreactive?


Well I have also read that Media exposed to fluorescent light is harmful to cells. Sorry, I could not recall the site where I read it. I am looking for it and post as soon as I get it again.

QUOTE (leftybydefault @ Oct 1 2008, 05:59 AM)
Just wondering what component of DMEM is photoreactive?


Yes, Phenol red is phtoactive.

I am doing cell migration assay using micro glia cells.
Migrated cells are labeled with Calcein.
Can you give me advice on
1, can I use ABI 7300 to read the plates or I have to use a fluorescent plate reader?
2, which company sell phenol red-free MEM? (not DMEM)
3, Does CV around 20% acceptable for cell migration assay?
Thanks very much



1)Plate reader would be better, Real time machines are optimised for different things.
2)I would try Invitrogen for phenol-red free MEM.