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Comparing surface protein expression of different cell lines - (Sep/30/2008 )

I have no knowledge in the area of bioinformatics but I´ve come across databases of surface protein expression profiles of different cell lines (Human Proteinpedia). I´m trying to obtain a list of surface proteins expressed in cell line "A" but not in cell lines "B" and "C". Can this be easily accomplished? I noticed that the databases were in different formats. If I could unify reference notation I could simply use Excel to compare the lists, but I´m sure it is a bit more complicated...



hello Jeremias,

how big are your databases? finding differences between the expression profiles of different conditions, when you already have the data, shouldn't be too difficult. what you need to do is to filter the names that are the same in all 3 conditions (hopefully they'll have the same protein name) and then you'll have the differentially expressed proteins.