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Reagents and Apparatus - Manufacturer's name and address (Sep/30/2008 )

When writing the Methodology, the guideline says we have to mention the name and address of the manufacturer. In some, the address has not been mentioned. For example, Sigma-Aldrich which is frequently mentioned as (St. Louis, MO) .. but we have regional office from where we acquire the reagent. Which one should be mentioned? It has not been mentioned in the data sheet nor the reagent's bottle.

And, BD .. . some place they write (Becton Dickinson) and at some places (BD Bioscience) . .. which one is appropriate?

-Bungalow Boy-

for sigma, you could give your regional office but most give the main corporate office, st. louis, mo. as an example, when it was still called "pharmacia" we always referenced uppsala, sweden even though there was a regional office just across the river.

about bd biosciences and bd. i think that even though they are part of the same holding company, they have different product listings. so, you should use the reference for the product you are describing.


Thank U mdfenko, that was a big help.

-Bungalow Boy-