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293T cells adhesion and transfection... - Looking for cell line for localization studies... (Sep/29/2008 )

Hi All,
I am trying to study the localization pattern on protein of my interest. So, I am using 293T cells and transfecting with lipofectin. My problem is 293T cells don't remain in good morphology after staining with DAPI (my gene is in fusion with EYFP). Can you suggest some method to preserve the architectural details of 293T cells? Or is there any good cell line which can be used instead of 293T?
Thanks in advance.


Hela is a good alternative. CV-1, or its derivatives like COS1 or COS 7 are good too. Someone likes to use NIH3T3.


try different fixatives to get a better morphology of the cell. DAPI should not interfere with morphology of the cell.


Thanks a lot genehunter and scolix. Hope we ll be having some of these cell lines.
I ll keep you posted here.