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Sexual Dimorphism in Homo sapiens and Fundulus grandis - (Sep/22/2008 )

I'm a student who has been given the assignment to find Journal articles on:
1) Sexual Dimorphism in Homo sapiens as it relates to Height differences
2) Sexual Dimorphism in Fundulus grandis as it relates to Length and Mass differences

I'm finding a few articles on line, however each of the sources is a "pay per view" situation.

Can anyone help with a good source of journal articles in these areas?



How you tried looking at PLOS? There are some Journal that are free on Pubmed.

If there is a paper that you would like to read, put a Paper request and hopefully somebody can PM it to you.

Although, given the rules, you might want to talk a little bit more.


Thanks, I'm checking it out now. "Talk a bit more?"


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