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p53 status in cell lines - (Sep/19/2008 )

Hi all,

Is there a database out there that lists the p53 status of the commonly used cell lines? I need to find a cell line that has wild-type p53 but also that is not virally transformed (therefore 293T is no good). I have not found the ATCC to be very helpful - if p53 status is not mentioned is it correct to assume it is wildtype???



I don't think that if it is not mentioned you can assume it is WT, I think nobody reported on it yet. As for p53 WT cell lines, I know the breast carcinoma cell line MCF7 is often used as a p53 WT cell line, but I don't know of any website that lists the p53 status for different cell lines.


There is a database out there-
it has a summary of cell line data on p53 status - it should also give you the way the submitters analysed p53 (all exons or just the hot spot region etc... etc...).
If a cell line is not listed it probably just means that it is not analysed yet.

Other than that, I assume some fibroblasts contain wild-type p53 which can be induced by UV treatment.


QUOTE (Bomber @ Sep 19 2008, 02:37 PM)
There is a database out there-

This is exactly what I'm looking for! biggrin.gif Thank you very much