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Control of infectious disease - (Sep/19/2008 )

Hi All:

from my knowledge, control measures used for microbes (virus, bacteria and parasites) are applied to the host, vectors, environment and infected persons. My query is:
1. is there fungal infectious disease as I have not heared about fungal infectious disease!!
2. If there is, What control measures can we used to apply to the host, vectors, environment and infected persons?

Can any one clarify.


Fungi can cause a range of infections from simple skin infection to deadly systemic infections... There are a wide variety of them like the Moulds (e.g. Aspergillus causing aspergillosis) Yeasts (Candida causing candidiosis, endocarditis, etc..), dermatophytes etc... Most of the fungal infection are oppurtunistic infection, and attack people when their immune system is down (like in the case of AIDS patients and cancer patients)... Fungal infection are tougher to cure (since they are eukaryotic organisms), but there are variety of antifungal agents like Amphotericin B, Ketaconozole, Itrakonozole, etc... further info refer any medical microbiology book...