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what types of cells is a mammalian cell? - (Oct/12/2004 )

hi guys!

what types of cells is a mammalian cell? i know this is maybe a "horrible" question, but i find it hard knowing the different cells under this category cell. i have looked in the net, but don't find any site where they explain about this type of cell.

so hope for some ideas.



well, they're just cells that stem from mammals. so if you know the organism the cell line is derived is a mammal, you know if they are mammalian cells. there are loads of mammalien cell lines out there, if you're seraching for some, I would recommend going to the ATCC site ( and start looking.



hi Jade!

is mammalian cells belong to human and big animals? because an insect cell is not a mammalian cell.


Mammalian cells comes from mammals, that is animals that gives birth and breast feed the offspring.
Insect cells come from insects, wich are not mammals.

Hope it helped.