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How to kill bacteria in treated cells? - (Sep/16/2008 )

Hi all, I just bought a bottle of Salubrinal (an ER stress inhibitor) for a company, I dissolved the salubrinal with DMSO as suggested in the spec sheet. When my cells are treated with salubrinal, I found that something is growing in my cells after few hours, they seem like serious contamination. I think they are bacteria. But I do not think the bacteria are from DMSO, they should be from the bottle of salubrinal. May I know how can I stop the bacteria growing in my cells after treatment? I do not put pen/strep in my media, is pen/strep will help the bacteria stop growing? These bacteria would not turn the media to become yellowish, but they will grow more and more after 24 hr.

Does anyone can help me with this?




throw the cell line away and start again

Next time...remember to add pen/strep in the medium.

You may wish to filter the salubrinal in DMSO.

Hope this may help.

-Minnie Mouse-

If I filter the salubrinal, which type of filter I should use? 0.2um or 0.45um? After filter, will they influence the concentration of salubrinal?



0.2 um should be fine.
Some micoplasma is small enough to escape 0.2 um, but if you can see bacteria under micorscope, then they shouldn't be micoplasma.

as you said will filtering effect concentration of salubrinal, I'm not so sure.
Why not ask the company selling the product? I think they should know better.


it is also possible for DMSO to become contaminated. if you freeze your cells in DMSO/FBS that you haven't kept sterile, you will experience much higher levels of contamination when you thaw the vials


DMSO will also dissolve certain types of filter - make sure you check the specs on the filters before filtering.


Thanks for all of your reply, I will try it... happy.gif