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Organelle Structures of Animal and Plant Cells - Question (Oct/08/2004 )

I have a question regarding animal and plant cells. Maybe someone could just varify these things for me: huh.gif

1) All organelles of plant and animal cells are bound by a lipid-bilayer.
2) The nuclear envelope is made of a double lipid bilayer.

Now I just need one other question answered:

Are both lipid-bilayers synthesized from Phospholipids?

Thanks alot guys


R u asking if the lipid bilayer consists of phospholipid only? There are some cholesterols, glycoprotein and proteoglycans embedded in the lipid bilayer that I believe does not originates from phospholipid.


I want to know if the lipid bilayer is composed mainly of Phospholipids


I think so, check out those cell biology text book.