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which software is applied to do bonferroni correction analysis? - for help (Sep/07/2008 )

recently, i read a article about haplotype analysis. the author selected four tagging snps in one gene and did genotyping, but no significant difference was observed in case-control analysis.
then he analyzed the haplotypes using the four snps. one haplotype is significant(X2=19.76,p=0.00009 , OR=0.11). then he said "The association remained significant even after bonferroni correction for the number of haplotypes (p=0.0002)".

i have a few questions, why and how did the author do the bonferroni correction analysis? which software or program is applied to do this analysis? What did the author mean when he said that "bonferroni correction for the number of haplotypes"

now, in my subject i met this problem, i know little about statistics. i'd much appreciate if anyone can help me.

Information of the article: Association between AKT1 gene and Parkinson's disease: a protective haplotype. Neuroscience Letters. 436(2008)232-234.