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cell-matrix adhesion and oncogeneity - (Sep/06/2008 )

is there a casuality between cell-matrix adhesion and oncogeneity?

we observed a stronger adhesion of epithelial cells after overexpressing an onocogene; is it so to prevent anoikis? are migrating cells which is a feature of oncogenic cells less strong attaching than normal (non-migrating) parental cells?

-The Bearer-

Possibly: there seems to be a variance in the adherence of cell lines derived from different tumours, but the same tissue. Having said that, this is just from my observation rather than actual quantitative data. I am not sure how the variance relates to the metastatic status of the original sample.

The change in adhesion on expression of an oncogene may or may not have anything to do with the oncogenicity of the cell line. Many oncogenes will indirectly affect the expression of cell matrix proteins as they are often intimately involved in many cellular processes, not just the primary pathway.