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Giving credit - (Sep/02/2008 )

I am a grad student and have written a grant application (well, I did many of the experiments, wrote it and my PI reads it, makes comments and then I make any changes). I went to give him my biosketch, but he said that he doesn't want to include it, it isn't needed because I don't have enough papers. I'm not sure I agree really, I do have a a few papers. I'm wondering, is it usual/unusual to put grad students as named people on the grants? I just feel that after doing a lot of work writing it, I don't get anything back (well, except the excellent experience of writing a grant).

-miRNA man-

hey miRNAman,

no need to feel sad. once i translated an application to get money to go to another country for a short placement (one month) and i included some other things my boss had forgot in the application. at the end, the money was lost, my boss preferred it got lost rather than sending me, the thing is this was a 3 year project, so as there were no results in the first year the money was lost for the other 2 years wacko.gif
besides, if the lab is getting a real direct benefit then it shouldn't matter that only your PI's name appears on it. it is for the greater good!


Thanks Toejam! You're quite right about "the greater good" - I did forget about that :-)

-miRNA man-