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Please help, about to burst into tears - (Sep/02/2008 )

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Thank you guys! I am over this now! smile.gif

-nanu nana-

I have another story to tell....

I used to work in this research centre located on a hill/farmland. I was told that they had some intern there who, on their first day, was asked to drive the tracker around the research centre area...

Well he sort of crashed and the tracker rolled down the slope onto the highway adjacent to one was injured but it was probably quite amazing in terms of entertainment value. laugh.gif


to make you feel better I ended up with an eye full of E. coli this morning! not fun lol


don't worry it happens in lab rolleyes.gif .....i have lot of examples....cried many times in lab, but eventually everything comes to normal by just give


QUOTE (smu2 @ Sep 3 2008, 02:06 AM)
Let me share with you a lesson I learned a long time ago (say 2nd grade). Learn to laugh at yourself. It makes life a lot easier.

Agreed, but sometimes people will thought that we are insane too dry.gif ...
Life for insane people is indeed a lot easier?!


hey there,

Well I sometimes have heard from fella labmates that they bully sometimes for fun, so I would suggest to laugh along with others, if they are going to laugh at you, also make a small mockery if you did something stupid to cover the other thing and always keep a smiling face and NEVER GIVE IN.

-miracle strain-

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