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How to contact Akira Ishihama, a Japanese molecular biologist - (Aug/31/2008 )

I desperately need to contact the following person.
Akira Ishihama, a Japanese molecular biologist working on copper resustance mechanism in E. coli.

I have tried to mail him on following e-mail adresses but always I receive failure demon notice i.e., mail can not be delivered to this adress.

Can some one help me in this regard?


maybe he/she has moved on since? have you tried to contact other ppl related to the work that you are interested in?


Look for his latest publication and contact the author for correspondence - him or whoever it is and request for contact address.

-Bungalow Boy-

Have you googled his name? If he just moved in another institute and has a new affiliation, probabily it is not yet reported on published papers...


All good suggestions - also try reaching him through his co-authors and try finding the home page of the institute of his latest affiliation. You might find his latest email on their staff page. Also (and I know it sounds archaic) write him a letter at the inst. address. You know - paper, envelope, stamps, mailman).