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Help: JIGSAW- gene prediction - (Aug/22/2008 )

Hi all,

I am having problem to run this program..I have no idea how to create the seearch PATH! Anybody can guide me?

Thank you in advanced.


Please, can you specify in which operating system are you trying to install this software?

Are you having problem in this specific step of the tutorial:

Make sure is in your search path and type: -f seq -e my_train_dir/my_evidence_list_run.txt -d my_train_dir -l run_list.txt -o jigsaw_output.gff

If you are stuck in this step, the problem is not in jigsaw, you just have to set a variable in an Unix environment.
You don't have to do it necessarly, it is just a convenience.
Try to run jigsaw by movind (with the cd command) to the directory where you have installed it, and run it with ./ and all the parameters you need.