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Method to extract genomic DNA from human brain - (Aug/13/2008 )

Does anyone routinely do PCR from human brain genomic DNA?

I would like to know what methods people use to extract the DNA. I see from the literature that the standard proteinase K + phenol/chloroform'ing gives high quality but takes multiple days. I also see that Trizol etc. results in poorer quality product giving highly variable amplifications. Does anyone use any kits where you do not need to phenol/chloroform?

Some extra information: My tissue is freshly frozen therefore I do not need to worry about formlin-fixation.

Any advice would be welcome wink.gif .




I use Qiagen kits, really easy not soo expensive and come in a variety of size (mini,mid and maxi).


yes, I have used Qiagen kits for a long time. it is easy and good!