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Total RNA from mouse tissue - (Aug/11/2008 )

can anybody suggest any kit to isolate total RNA from a mouse tissue ? If so, please let me know the company's name



StarStar, we routinely use the Qiagen RNeasy kit on mouse and rat tissue. From 20 mg, we usually get enough RNA to make 7-10 tubes of DNase-treated cDNA (from 1 µg RNA). We use a mechanical homogenizer to disrupt the tissue (the lab had one so I am using it) followed by a quick spin thru a qiashredder, if that helps.


i use Qiagen RNeasy for my cell line while my labmate use the same kit for her mouse tissue.
works very well in our experiment.



I've always used TRI reagent (Sigma, Ambion, among others sell it with slightly different names) to extract RNA from rat and mouse tissues. I'm beginning to think that it works better than kits for most purposes, like RNA extraction from tissues.

Good work!