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anlytic balance lexicon - (Aug/05/2008 )

Hey Guys!
I need your help to truely understand what my analytical balance manual is telling me...
As it is an analytical balance, I thought it was to take for granted that the lowest limit of the instrument is 0.0001 g, but probabily I'm wrong.
On the manual it's reported this set of data:
weighing capacity max 220 g
scale interval 0.1 mg
verification scale interval 0.001 g
minimum capacity 0.01 g
Does it mean that I will be sure of correct measures only among the 0.01 - 220 g range???
I can't really understand if I'm misunderstanding some technical word or I'm making some big (bad) mistake about the balance itself..... dry.gif

Thank you in advance!!!!!


I'm not sure about what "minimum capacity" is, but the most mass that you can put on it and expect accurate results is 220g. My best guess, which will likely be corrected, is that the balance is accurate to 0.1mg as long as you have at least a certain amount of mass on it. In that case, you may have to have at least 0.01g on the balance in order for it to be accurate. However, I use such balances infrequently, so it would help for someone else to chime in.


OOOH! Now I see the point!!!
Thank you very much, TheSquire!