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H295R Cell transfections - (Sep/27/2004 )

Hi there,

I have been trying to transfect H295R cells which are human adrenal cells but am seeing no or very low levels of transfection even when using the pGL3 control plasmid which has a viral promoter. I hae tried FuGENE and TRANSFAST transfection reagents which are both liposome-mediated methods and have been reported to work in the literature. Does anyone have any experience of these cells or any ideas about what I should try?

Thanks very much



I don't know anything about the cells you are using but with my cells which were difficult to transfect Lipofectamine helped a lot (from Invotrogen). You can also try the home-made Dextran sulfate method. It is ok as far as transfection goes, but is very toxic, so might be suboptimal.


We have been using Epoch Biolabs' GenCarrier-1 and -2 ( for various cell types, primary or established, dividing or post-mitotic, adherent or non-adherent.....They work very well for us better than lipofectamine2000, Fugene6 or GenPorter-2, and also cheaper!!
DEAE-Dextran only work in COS, monocyte and lymphocyte...