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Information of food preservative - (Jul/29/2008 )

With the development of science and technology, in order to make long-term food storage, chemical preservatives emerged. We usually the most common food preservative, is a potassium sorbate, and benzene is a potassium sodium. They look at the way, we usually like to eat sugar. If a lot of sugar were eating our stomach, it may be that some of thirst, to drink a little water, will not have too many other implications. Benzene potassium sodium example, intake of the human body, the majority in nine to 15 hours can be synthesized with the urinary excretion of uric acid and the remaining part of the acidification after detoxification can not stored in the body. However, we should try to avoid mistaken consumption in the food preservatives.

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suggest you learn to read. It's not benzene sodium salt - it's benzoic acid, sodium salt. There is a world of difference. The rest of your message is silly.