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choosing the best ELISA method - used to do Immunoprecipitation (Jul/28/2008 )


I do Immunoprecipitation assays and normally do western blot, but my bands look very similar so my supervisor asked me to run ELISA. I do IP to separate my protein of interest from other proteins to get only one band on SDS-PAGE and Western Blot.

I have a pramiary antibody Mouse IgG1 and a secondary Goat anti mouse conjugated with Alkaline Phosphatase.

I don't know which method or protocol to use for ELISA. actually I've never coated any plate with the protein of my interest or antigen.

I've been thinking that indirect method is suitable for me, but how?


check this link

-Minnie Mouse-

I already have these protocols from Abcam, but they don't mention how to convert from IP to ELISA