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Finding out what sequence to study by ChIP - (Jul/28/2008 )

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QUOTE (Clare @ Aug 21 2008, 04:04 AM)
Hi again,

Sorry but I really don't have time to be reading up about which histone modifications you should be studying. Do you have a supervisor or colleague working in a similiar area that you could ask?


The problem is my whole branch is not familiar with histone modifications and all information I have is from literature.

Other ppl in my branch are more interested in DNA methylation-chip


last week's Nature (454, p713), there's a very small table in a feature article:

Transcriptional "ON" : H3K9ac, H3K4me, H4K16ac
Transcriptional "OFF": H3K9me, H3K27me

but methylation can be mono-, di- or tri-.....

My impression is at the moment there's no definite model yet


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